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Ramadan 2020 Calendar Bangladesh

The holy month of Ramadan is knocking at the door. Most probably 25th April, 2020 will be the first day of the Ramadan. It is the most valuable month towards the Muslim people of the world. Most people of Bangladesh is Muslim so that Ramadan month is very important time period for the Bangladeshi people. In this month people have to know the Sahri & Iftar time for fasting. So that, Ramadan 2020 Calendar is very much important for every Muslim people. Ramadan 2020 calendar Bangladesh.

Sahri and Iftar time vary for the movement of sun. So that Sahri & Iftar time is not same throughout the World. Every region has it’s different sahri and iftar time. For that reason, Govt. of every nation declare the Ramadan calendar. In which they give the list of Sahri and Iftar time for 30 days of Ramadan. In Bangladesh, Govt. body has Islamic Foundation Bangladesh. This foundation official declare the Ramadan Calendar 2020. 

Ramadan 2020 Highlights:

This year Ramadan 2020 will be start from: 25th April, 2020. It will be end 24th may if 30 days. Besides that, Ramadan can be end at 23rd May if 29 days. Bellow we are going to show you the time table of Sahri and Iftar time. This time table has been declared by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh. Islamic foundation Bangladesh is the govt. organization. This organization declared the Ramadan iftar sahri time every year. This foundation is the one and only authentic source from the govt. of Bangladesh. So that, you must follow their Ramadan calendar. 

Ramadan 2020 Calendar Bangladesh

Ramadan 2020 Calendar Bangladesh

From above photo we can get information of Sehri and Iftar time of Ramadan 2020 in Bangladesh. But above photo show us the time of Dhakak zila. Dhaka zila iftar time has been given above. But all Bangladeshi do not live in Dhaka only. Many people live outside of Dhaka also. For that people Islamic founfation gives another table. This table show the time of Sahri and iftar for others district of Bangladesh.

Sahri and Iftar time for others districts

Ramadan 2020 Calendar Bangladesh

from the above photo, people from other districts can easily know their district’s iftar and sahri time. This iftari and sahri time varies from district to district. This sahri and iftar time directly depends on sun rise and sun set. So that we can see different sahri and iftar time in different districts.   

Ramadan Calendar pdf 2020

Ramadan month is knocking at the door. So every Muslim people have to collect Ramadan calendar. In that calendar people can know the sahri and Iftar time of every day. So that for using offline, people can download Ramadan calendar PDF 2020 from our website. To download Ramadan calendar pdf 2020 you have to follow some instruction. You can go to our event page and then visit Ramadan 2020 calendar Bangladesh post. Then you have to click here Ramadan Calendar 2020 PDF. After Clicking here you can download the PDF version of Ramadan calendar 2020. Then you can see your calendar anytime in offline.

Sehri Time 2020

Sehri time 2020 is very important for every Muslim people in the Ramadan month. Muslim are fasting during the Ramadan month. They must know the sehri time for starting fasting at dawn. If they don’t know the last time of Sehri they can not do their fasting. So that you can know the sehri time 2020 from this post and can do your fasting in the holy Ramadan month. 

Iftar Time 2020

Iftar is a part of fasting in the Ramadan month. It is one of the very precious prayer in the Ramdan month. Every Muslim is fasting from dawn to dusk and the finish their fasting by taking Iftar. Magrib Ajan has been called by muyajjin and Muslim people take Iftar and finish their fasting for that day. So that, every Muslim people must know the Iftar time 2020. If they don’t know the Iftar time they can not take Iftar in the perfect time. If they take Iftar before the exact time, their Fasting can be undone. So, It is very much iportant to know the Iftar time 2020. You can visit this post. Know the sehri and iftar time from above photos. Download Ramadan calendar 2020 PDF for using in offline from this website. Thank you.

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