SSC Exam Resut 2020

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam 2020 has been started at 3rd February, 2020. This exam has been arranged by the 10 education board of Bangladesh. It has been finished at 3rd March, 2020. Now students are waiting for SSC exam result 2020 eagerly. 

Prime Minister Declared SSC result

SSC Result Published Date 2020: 

SSC exam result 2020 will be published in the last week of May. Most probably the date will be 31st May, 2020. Minister of Bangladesh Education Ministry Dr Dipu Moni will hand over the summery of SSC result 2020 to the prime minister Sheikh Hasina at 10:00 am along with 10 chairpersons of the Education Board of Bangladesh. After that the result has been published for the students, all students can see their result in their educational institutions. Besides this, they can see their result in our website also. We will update SSC exam result 2020 with full marks sheet in our website. You can see the full marks sheet of your SSC result from our website. 

SSC Result Pre Registration:

From 18th May, 2020 SSC result Pre Registration has been started. If you don’t pre registered yet, you must pre registered yourself to get your SSC early. If you want to pre registered for SSC result click here   

Corona Virus & SSC Result : 

Due to corona virus affect our Bangladesh, there is a confusion to publish Secondary School Certificate (SSC) 2020 in time. From Some source we get information that MCQ sheet checking has been stopped due to novel corona virus affect Dhaka. IF Dhaka education board can not publish their result , others education boards will not publish their SSC exam result 2020. Because all education boards results will publish their SSC result on a specific date. If any of these boards unable to publish their results , others board also postponed their results. 

How can you get SSC result:

Once upon a time candidates have to go to their educational institutions for getting result. Education institutions collect ssc result from education board and gives them to their students. But now a days things become more easy. In this modern era, candidates should not go to their educational institutions. They can find out their result from internet or sms. Every education board has their website. They update their ssc result database to their website. Then students can search their result and can find out their result.

Beside that, those students who have no access of internet to browse the ssc result in the education board website, they have another way to know the result. They can send sms on a specific number (we will details bellow about sms system) via telitalk and a reply message will be given by the education board. In this reply message you can know about your result. But here is something normal that, you can not know your details result via sms. You have to visit our website to know the full marks sheet of result.    

SSC exam online reault 2020

All education boards websites:

Bangladesh Education ministry divided the whole country into some education boards to organised all educational activities fluently. So that, all education boards have their own education board website. You have to know these website addresses. Now I am giving all education websites bellow:

Education boards websites Board Name Common for All boards Common for All boards Dhaka Board Chittagong Board Cumilla Board Sylhet Board Dinajpur Board Jessore Board Rajshahi Board Mymensing Board Barishal Board Poly Technic Board Madrasha Board

SSC results via SMS:

There are a huge number of students in Bangladesh who does not have Smartphone or Internet Access. Those people can not browse website to know result. For those students Govt. keeps another option to know the SSC result via SMS. But to know result via SMS you have to know the procedure to send SMS. There is a very specific format of SMS, You must follow that format, If you don’t follow that format you can not get SMS in return SMS form the board. So have a look on SMS format bellow :

 “SSC/DAKHIL<space> first three letters of the board’s name <space> Roll number<space>2020” and send this sms to 16222.  

Example:      SSC DHA 104980 sent to 16222    

In the example I have use the first three latter of Dhaka Board. In that option, You have to use the first three latter of your own board. So, I give the list of the first three latter of the all education board:

Education Boards Name First Three latter
Dhaka Education Board DHA
Rajshahi Education Board RAJ
Comilla Education Board COM
Barishal Education Board BAR
Chittagong Education Board CHI
Jessore Education Board JES
Sylhet Education Board SYL
Dinajpur Education Board DIN
Madrasha Education Board MAD
Technical Education Board TEC

All education board result 2020

SSC result 2020 via Android App:

There is another smart way to check the SSC 2020 result. That is android app. On that day, when the result will be published there must have huge traffic in the website and sms, so you may not get your result quickly. In that case, best choice in android apps. Cause many people don’t know about this procedure. So you can get your ssc result from this android apps very quickly. If you don’t install such kind of apps. You may install those apps. There are several android apps in the google play store and apple store. If you android user you can search in the google play store and if you apple user you can find in the apple store. After that you have to install that app and can know your result from that app.  

Mobile App ssc result

All Education Board results With full marksheet: 

From the previous website which I have give above you can see your result in the grading system. But if you want to know your result with full marks sheet that means you want to see you score or number you have been got in every specific subject you have to visit another website. For visit that website you have to click billow pic: 

Web based result of SSC

SSC Result New Grading System:

Point to be noted that, New grading system has been implemented in SSC result grading system. Before that, GPA (Grade Point Average) system has been followed. But now new grading system has been implemented. That is called CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). In this CGPA system marks range grade has been changed. New marks range has been given in this table: 

Marks Latter Grade CGPA
90-100 A+ 4
80-89 A 3.5
70–79 B+ 3.0
60-69 B 2.5
50–59 C 2.0
40–49 D 1.5
0–32 F 0.0

All Education Board SSC Result 2020:

There are 10 education boards in Bangladesh secondary and higher secondary education system. From these, 8 education boards are general education boards and another 2 are Madrasha Education board and Technical Education Board. All education boards publish their result in a same date in their website and I have mentioned all education boards website in the very first part of this post. So you can see everything from that. And from our website you also can get every types of update. After getting your SSC result you have to admit college. To know details about College HSC admission you can visit here HSC admission 2020. So keep in touch totalinfobd to get every updates. Thank you All.