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International Mother Language Day 2020

International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is now an international event. This day is observed internationally. 21st February is The international Monther Language Day. It was recognized as International Mother Language Day at 1999 by the declaration of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This subject (IMLD) was brought in the United Nation General Conference by UNESCO. Later, United General Assembly welcomed the resolution in 2002. 

International Mother Language Day

Before the year of 1999, 21st February was celebrated as ‘Shohid Dibosh’ or ‘Mother Language Day’ in Bangladesh only. It was also called Language Movement Day in Bangladesh. This day is celebrated internationally now. 

History Behind Mother Language Day :

21st February is a historical day for Bangladesh. It is a red letter day in the Bangladesh’s History. Bangladeshi people created a world record by giving their lives for their mother language. It is a rare example in the history of the world. 

International Mother Language Day

Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan which was named as East Pakistan. Pakistan was created 1947. Then it had two parts. One of them is East Pakistan another one is West Pakistan (Present Pakistan). But these two parts had two different mother languages. Urdu is the main language in West Pakistan & Bangla is the main language in East Pakistan. West Pakistan people ruled the whole Pakistan. So that, Pakistani rulers declared that Urdu and Urdu will be the only state language of the whole Pakistan. But Bangla was spoken by the majority people of Pakistan. So the East Pakistan people protested this declaration of West Pakistan rulers. They demanded Bangla as state language in addition with Urdu. Dhirendranath Datta firstly raised the demand from East Pakistan in the constitution Assembly of Pakistan on 23rd February, 1948. 

International Mother Language Day

The West Pakistan banned all kinds of public meeting and rallies to demolish the protest. But students from Dhaka University made a massive rally and public gathering with the support of general public to make Bangla as the national language of Pakistan. On 21st February 1952, Police opened fires on that gathering and rallies. Salam, Rafiq, Barkat, Jabbar and Shafiur died. Around hundreds of people injured. By sacrificing their blood for language, Bangali created the record in World. Bengali people gained official status as state language of Pakistan after this long struggle.

International Mother Language Day

Constitution Reform:

With the support of Muslim League, the constitution of Assembly resolved to grant official status to Bengali on 7th 1954. Article no. 214 (1) from the constitution of Pakistan was rewritten,

“The state language of Pakistan shall be Urdu and Bengali.” 

Language Movement Monument:

Shahid Minar in Bangladesh

Shahid Minar is the monument which was built based on the Language Movement of 1952. Shahid Minar was designed and built by sculptor Hamidur Rahman (Bangladeshi) in collaboration with Novera Ahmed (Bangladeshi). The construction of this monument was finally completed in 1963. It was delayed because of Martial Law. But it is matter of sorrow that, it could stand until 1971. Cause West Pakistan Army demolished it in the liberation war. But after the independence of Bangladesh, It was rebuilt. It is situated in the Dhaka University near Dhaka Medical College.     

Internation Mother Language Day celebration


Since that day, Bangali people celebrated this day as Language Movement Day. People go for morning walk. They go to Shahid Minar at early morning. They give flower to show respect for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in 21st February of 1952. President & Prime Minister and members of Government Bodies, Various Institutions, many kinds of local and international non government organizations go to Shahid Minar to show respect and celebrate the International Mother Language Day. To know about Independence Day of Bangladesh visit here.